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Bonair Aviation can buy, operate and sell your aircraft with its experienced and trained staff. Aviation consultancy is also among our services. Buying a private jet is a highly complex process and needs professional advice. Every analysis must be done accurately and in detail before purchasing a private jet and reports must comply with Civil Aviation Authority regulations.

Bonair Aviation pays attention to all aspects of the selected aircraft and prepares real reports so that private jet buyers can easily make a decision.
Bonair Aviation can be helpful when buying an aircraft due to its extreme knowledge of business jet categories, but it is not limited to that only, it can operate your aircraft commercially and sell it when you want. Bonair Aviation aims to make your aircraft profitable, so with your pre-flight approval we can charter your private jet. Through this method you can save your Indirect and Direct operating costs such as annual maintenance, taxes and crew salaries when you are not flying your private jet.
Operating a private business jet has many details. All documents such as technical maintenance of your aircraft, airworthiness certificate, aircraft registration certificate, noise certificate, radio certificate, insurance policies are monitored, checked and approved by the Civil Aviation Authority and it is necessary to have an expertise. Therefore, Bonair Aviation offers you the best service in a short time.

Details to consider before buying a private jet:
– Year of manufacture, model and technical specifications of the private jet
– Times flown and total number of private jet landings and take-offs since New (TSN&CSN)
– Private jet documentation must be accurate and complete
– The history of the private jet, whether it has been involved in any accidents or incidents
– Bonair Aviation completes all aircraft documentation, generates annual cost reports and offers profitability assessment after the decision to purchase a private jet.
– Bonair Aviation has a worldwide marketing network to charter your aircraft at all times. This way your aircraft becomes a profitable asset, not a cost burden. When your private jet remains parked anywhere, it causes you financial loss as your costs are fixed. Therefore, Bonair Aviation is better to charter your aircraft for you at the highest market value. We are highly responsible for working with our clients to obtain their approval before each charter flight request and share the flight details with the aircraft owner. Each flight is operated under a specific contract signed before the flight and we report all flights on a weekly basis.
– You can always contact us for the purchase, operation or sale of your private jets.

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